In some cases, animals are abused by people with psychological problems, and who also may be abusing family members and other people.

Animal abuse is a hidden and under-reported problem in Broward County. Animals, whether dogs, cats, horses or other farm animals, do not deserve neglect or abuse. 


In some cases, animals are abused by people with psychological problems, and who may also be abusing family members and other people. 


Sometimes when we see animal abuse, we don’t know what to do or don’t think we should intervene. Currently, animal abuse can be reported to municipal governments, the Humane Society of Broward County and the Broward County Animal Control.

Broward County Animal Control is mismanaged and, as indicated in the Florida Bulldog article, has been fraudulently operated. A 16-page county auditor's report spells out the current problems, which the county has ignored. Animal abuse and mistreatment is a criminal matter in Broward County. Law enforcement officials should have a direct role in issuing citations and arresting people for animal cruelty.


The care and treatment of the cats and dogs housed in the county's shelter is substandard. In addition, some of the dogs may qualify for BSO training to become a working deputy. Under the sheriff's office, the animals and the facility would receive the attention that they need.


When elected Broward County's sheriff, I will urge the Broward County Commission to bring the operation under the Broward Sheriff's Office. As your sheriff, I will form an animal abuse investigations unit. We will work not only in the cities that we serve, but will also support code enforcement and police departments throughout the county in their investigations. 


Animal abuse is cruel and inhumane. We can protect animals that are being abused by stopping the abusers.



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